Artwork – Jamaican Jazz Orchestra ‘Brain Freeze’

Celebrated for their seamless fusion of Jamaican roots and jazz, the Jamaican Jazz Orchestra emerges from the same lineage as the ska pioneers, The Skatalites, propelled by the individual brilliance of its jazz virtuosos. Their music serves as a canvas for the musicians to display their prowess. Returning with a new single from the fresh EP, the Belgian Jamaican Jazz Orchestra maintains their authentic essence while infusing a vintage, earthy ambiance into their sound.

Guided by the innovative compositions of guitarist Wouter Rosseel (known for his work with Pura Vida, Lee Scratch Perry, and The Congos), the Orchestra’s latest single, “Brain Freeze,” draws inspiration from the rhythmic bassline of a track from the soundtrack of the film ‘Les Triplettes De Belleville’. Incorporating a delightful, jazzy horn riff, an evocative open-string guitar melody, and authentic Jamaican percussion, the song encapsulates a complete groove. Notably, it showcases an Ernest Ranglin-inspired guitar solo, adding a touch of virtuosity to the ensemble.

released May 3, 2024 on Zephyrus records
Marie-Anne Standaert – trumpet
Bruno Van Der Haegen – tenor sax
Timothé Le Maire – trombone
Ruben Verbruggen – baritone sax
Wouter ‘Wowie’ Rosseel – rhythm guitars/lead guitars/bass
Karel Cuelenaere – keys/piano
Xan Albrecht – drums/percussion

Music by Wouter ‘Wowie’ Rosseel
Recorded and mixed by Xan Albrecht
Mastered by Karel De Backer

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Artwork – MariJah & The Root Sense “Babylon”

MariJah & The Roots Sense is the band formed around front vocalist Marie Bogaert aka MariJah. The group consists of experienced reggae and jazz musicians whom we have seen at work before with bands such as Seekaman, Jamaican Jazz Orchestra, Iron Ites and Pura Vida. This formation began playing together in 2021 bringing quality shows with their own repertoire.

Vocals : Marie Bogaert (MariJah)
Bass : Emile Claeys Bouuaert
Guitar : Wouter Rosseel
Keys : Ilias Verbelen
Drums : Xan Albrecht

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Artwork for GT Moore – The Eyes Are The Light

‘The Eyes Are The Light’ out today on digital platforms!
Recorded by Zac Dorne at Khandha Rooms Mixing by Zac Dorne and Michiel Lagae
mastered by Jerboa Mastering ‘The Eyes Are The Light’ composed and written by Vaugh Benjamin

I think ‘The Eyes Are The Light’ is the first Midnite tune I learned. I listened to the ‘Unpolished’ album every day for several months so I could memorise Vaughn Benjamin’s exact phrasing. I didn’t want to copy it but I wanted to be completely ‘aware’ of it. It talks about the spirit that is in everyone, which makes it an important song. It was recorded in the Goldmasters studio in Leigh on sea and features Charlie P on backing vocals.

GT Moore

released December 15, 2023
vocals – G.T. Moore
backing vocals – Charlie P
keyboards, synth – James Lascelles
tenor saxophone – Jason Cole
drums – Zachary Dorne
bass – Malcolm Diss
trumpet – Bradley Walsh
alto saxophone – Ali Thomas
trumpet – Pete Condon
guitar – Alex Wood
guitar Jock Peaequana

Artwork for GT Moore – Propaganda

G.T. Moore is a singer, composer and instrumentalist with a recording career that stretches back to the early seventies. His band the “Reggae Guitars” were the first white group to seriously attempt an authentic reggae sound. Not only proving himself in the reggae scene but also with bands / artists like Heron, Shusha, and as a session musician for Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Johnny Nash, Poly Styrene..   

‘Propaganda’ out today on all digital platforms!

Many years ago I met Vaughn Benjamin (singer of Midnite) by chance on a beach in Belgium, at a reggae festival. The half ’n hour we all spent talking I still get energy from. After that I started to write sings differently and develop a deeper understanding of Rastafarianism and the bible. Propaganda was one go the midnite tunes I recorded at the time with the Goldmaster Allstars. Vaugh Benjamin died suddenly and tragically, to me his still the leading Rastafarian poet and orator.

GT Moore

Released September 8, 2023
vocals – G.T. Moore
keyboards, synth – James Lascelles
tenor saxophone – Jason Cole
drums – Zachary Dorne
bass – Malcolm Diss
trumpet – Bradley Walsh
alto saxophone – Ali Thomas
trumpet – Pete Condon
guitar – Alex Wood
guitar Jock Peaequana

Recorded and mixed by Zachary Dorne at Khandha Rooms
Mastering by Frederick Dejongh (Jerboa)
‘Propaganda’ composed and written by Vaugh Benjamin

Artwork for Proyecto Secreto – Soon Will Be Enough

Proyecto Secreto’s new track “Soon Will Be Enough” is a groovy ska tune that will transport you to the golden era of seventies music. Inspired by the likes of John Berry, this song is a perfect blend of film music with classic ska and surf rhythm accents elements. One thing is for sure they’re not afraid to make daring musical combinations.

As you listen to the track, you can’t help but feel like you’re in a James Bond movie that never was released. The music builds up slowly, just like the tension in a spy thriller. The rhythm is infectious, and you’ll find yourself tapping your feet and nodding your head in no time. The band’s horn section adds an extra layer of depth to the music, and the compelling guitar riffs and steady bass lines keep the groove going strong.

Overall, “Soon Will Be Enough” is a song that will make you want to dance and shake. With its catchy melody and uplifting feel, it’s a track that’s sure to become a favorite of fans of reggae and ska music alike.

Released April 14, 2023 by Zephyrus Records. More at :

Or their bandcamp for more tunes!

Video made for ‘Gand la nuit’ for Gaïsha

We are excited to announce the release of the music video for “Gand La Nuit” by Gaïsha, directed by Dimitri De Winter. This stunning visual is a perfect complement to the haunting beauty of Gaïsha’s music, taking the audience on a surreal journey through the city of Ghent at night. Vision and artistry are on full display in this video, creating a mesmerizing and surreal atmosphere that perfectly matches the mood and vibe of the music. The video’s stunning cinematography, use of black and white, and attention to detail transport the audience to a magical world that is both familiar and otherworldly and create a truly unique and captivating audio-visual experience.

The music video is now available for streaming on all major digital platforms. We invite you to watch “Gand La Nuit” and discover the captivating world of Gaïsha.

Artwork for Gaïsha – Gand la nuit

Get ready to be transported to the streets of Ghent with Gaïsha’s latest release, a mysterious French ballad about nocturnal escapades in the city. This captivating track is the second single from their highly anticipated upcoming album, set to release on February 10, 2023.

Gaïsha is the dynamic collaboration between Belgian-Moroccan singer Aïcha Haskal and a group of talented musicians from the Belgian music scene, including former members of Sylvie Kreusch, Absynthe Minded, Va Fan Fahre, and De Beren Gieren. Together, they bring a fresh and exciting blend of oriental and psychedelic grooves with a Brussels twist.

The band effortlessly blends a variety of styles, including Arabic chants, psychedelic rock, and rap, creating a unique and captivating sound that is truly a melting pot of musical influences.

This latest release showcases Gaïsha’s musical prowess and ability to tell a story through their music. The haunting vocals, hypnotic rhythms, and intricate instrumentation will leave you spellbound and yearning for more.

Stay tuned for the upcoming album from Gaïsha and let their music take you on a journey through the vibrant and diverse world of their sound.

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