Artwork and logo for Gaïsha – L’Amour Digital

Gaïsha, the new project of Belgian-Moroccan singer Aicha Haskal and Les Cerveaux Lents, has just released their new single ‘L’Amour Digital’ based on the traditional Muwashah ‘Sihtou Wajdan’. The Muwashah is a poetic form that originated in Al-Andalus in the 11th century, and Aicha Haskal has added a reply in French to the poem, giving the song a universal and interconnecting flair.

Les Cerveaux Lents was founded in 2002 by musicians from Absynthe Minded and Va Fan Fahre, and from 2007 to 2013, Aicha Haskal was a member of Va Fan Fahre. In 2010, she released the album ‘Al Wa’Debt’ with the band, resulting in a natural fusion between Balkan brass band and Arabic music.

With their new project, Gaïsha, they continue to bring unique and eclectic sounds to their music, blending oriental and psychedelic grooves with a Brussels twist. The collaboration seamlessly switches between Arabic chants, psychedelic rock, and even rap, resulting in a brilliant melting pot of styles.

‘L’Amour Digital’ is just the latest release from Gaïsha, and fans can expect more exciting music from this project in the future.