Artwork – Jamaican Jazz Orchestra ‘Brain Freeze’

Celebrated for their seamless fusion of Jamaican roots and jazz, the Jamaican Jazz Orchestra emerges from the same lineage as the ska pioneers, The Skatalites, propelled by the individual brilliance of its jazz virtuosos. Their music serves as a canvas for the musicians to display their prowess. Returning with a new single from the fresh EP, the Belgian Jamaican Jazz Orchestra maintains their authentic essence while infusing a vintage, earthy ambiance into their sound.

Guided by the innovative compositions of guitarist Wouter Rosseel (known for his work with Pura Vida, Lee Scratch Perry, and The Congos), the Orchestra’s latest single, “Brain Freeze,” draws inspiration from the rhythmic bassline of a track from the soundtrack of the film ‘Les Triplettes De Belleville’. Incorporating a delightful, jazzy horn riff, an evocative open-string guitar melody, and authentic Jamaican percussion, the song encapsulates a complete groove. Notably, it showcases an Ernest Ranglin-inspired guitar solo, adding a touch of virtuosity to the ensemble.

released May 3, 2024 on Zephyrus records
Marie-Anne Standaert – trumpet
Bruno Van Der Haegen – tenor sax
Timothé Le Maire – trombone
Ruben Verbruggen – baritone sax
Wouter ‘Wowie’ Rosseel – rhythm guitars/lead guitars/bass
Karel Cuelenaere – keys/piano
Xan Albrecht – drums/percussion

Music by Wouter ‘Wowie’ Rosseel
Recorded and mixed by Xan Albrecht
Mastered by Karel De Backer

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Artwork – MariJah & The Root Sense “Babylon”

MariJah & The Roots Sense is the band formed around front vocalist Marie Bogaert aka MariJah. The group consists of experienced reggae and jazz musicians whom we have seen at work before with bands such as Seekaman, Jamaican Jazz Orchestra, Iron Ites and Pura Vida. This formation began playing together in 2021 bringing quality shows with their own repertoire.

Vocals : Marie Bogaert (MariJah)
Bass : Emile Claeys Bouuaert
Guitar : Wouter Rosseel
Keys : Ilias Verbelen
Drums : Xan Albrecht

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Artwork for Gaïsha – Ghalat single release

Gaïsha’s latest single “Ghalat” is a moving tribute to the late Egyptian poet Abdelhamid Farag, who passed away in 2020. The track, released on November 5, 2021, showcases the exquisite vocals of Belgian-Moroccan singer Aicha Haskal, whose voice seamlessly switches between Arabic chants, parlando, and rap.

The lyrics of “Ghalat” were written by Farag himself, a self-proclaimed “poète de l’éloignement” known for his deeply melancholic and romantic poetry. Through his words, Farag weaves a tale of longing and heartache, perfectly captured by Haskal’s emotive performance.

The track’s instrumentation perfectly complements the emotional weight of the lyrics, with hauntingly beautiful melodies and intricate rhythms that draw the listener in and hold them captive until the very end.

As a tribute to Farag’s profound influence on their music, Gaïsha has poured their hearts and souls into “Ghalat”, delivering a powerful and deeply moving tribute that is sure to leave a lasting impact on listeners.

This single is just a taste of what’s to come from Gaïsha, who are set to release their highly anticipated debut album early next year. With their unique blend of oriental and psychedelic grooves, infused with a distinctly Brussels twist, the band is poised to take the music scene by storm.

Stay tuned for more from Gaïsha, and don’t miss out on “Ghalat”, a powerful tribute to a true poetic legend.

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