Fran├žois Semay – The published columns in WeekUp Gent.

It is with heavy heart that we received the news of the passing of Ghent poet, Swa (Fran├žois Semay, 27 July 1969). Swa was not just a poet, but a dear friend to many of us. His vibrant and colorful presence brought life to the brewery, and his absence is deeply felt.

In 2005/2006, Swa wrote a series of columns in WeekUp titled “Innige deelneming,” which were eagerly anticipated by his fans every week. These columns were a reflection of Swa’s unique perspective on life, and his witty, insightful writing style captured the hearts of many readers.

To keep Swa’s memory alive, we have compiled his columns into a booklet as a memento for his friends and family. Thanks to the support of the editor-in-chief Wendy Vercauteren of WeekUP, cultural weekly magazine of Ghent, we were able to retrieve the texts and present them in this composition.

Although the texts are not in any particular order, they reflect Swa’s unique voice and perspective on life. The booklet is available in the book section of our website, and if you want leave a message and i’ll send you the pdf too read the columns once again.

Rest in peace, dear Swa. You will be missed, but your words and spirit will live on forever.