Artwork for Bernard Orchestar’s 7-inch single “Friture Havasi/Le Cocek d’Anderlecht”

Belgian band Bernard Orchestar is back with a new release on Zephyrus Records, the 7-inch single “Friture Havasi/Le Cocek d’Anderlecht”. Known for their unique blend of traditional Belgian sounds and oriental influences, Bernard Orchestar has been active for over a decade, bringing their infectious energy and edgy horns to audiences around the world.

Recorded during a burst of love and joy between two confinement periods, this new release is a juicy and greasy tribute to the band’s roots. With a mix of percussion, electronic kicks, and synths, the songs are infused with the spirit of Brussels and its iconic snack, the friture. The band’s signature sound is on full display, blending traditional dance with a futuristic twist.

In “Friture Havasi/Le Cocek d’Anderlecht”, Bernard Orchestar pays homage to oriental sounds and belly dance, while also showcasing their unique style and personality. This single is the perfect introduction to the band’s sound, and a must-have for fans of Belgian music and global fusion. Get ready to stir up the mayonnaise and let the party begin with Bernard Orchestar.

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